Jul. 5, 2021

Healed of Short leg and scoliosis

Something that happened to me one night at church- I was born with one leg shorter than the other and someone prayed for me and pulled on my leg and it grew out a good 3 inches! I was also born with scoliosis (a curved spine). The same person touched my back and instantly my posture straightened out, I can feel my spine and it is not the same as it was before, God gave me a new spine!

Something just came to me about this that I had not thought of before. When my leg was growing out I felt a sensation about 1/2 way down my lower leg bone. It turns out there is something at that exact location called a growth plate- that is where your leg bone grows when you are still getting taller as a kid. God re-activated my growth plate and had my leg grow out! This is evidence of the manifest wisdom of God, there was a reason for the sensation that I felt!

Something else- apparently having 1 leg shorter than the other will cause scoliosis (a curved spine). God had a reason for healing my leg and then my spine!