Jul. 7, 2021

Spiritual "Short Circuit"

You might have heard a teaching about Christians becoming too “salty” and turning into a “dead sea' (we are called to be salt and light). The dead sea is too salty because the river Jordan flows into it but nothing flows out, the only way water can escape is through evaporation and the salt concentration goes up and up until nothing can live in it, hence the name “dead sea”. There is another Godly principal similar to this in the behavior of electricity. If you take a AA battery and a wire and touch the – end of the battery with the wire (the end that electrons will flow out of, electrons have a - charge) nothing will happen, however if you take the wire and touch the – end with one end and the + end with the other this completes the circuit and electricity will start to flow and the flow can power something like a light bulb..

In a similar fashion to the dead sea becoming dead due from water flowing into it but not out at the same time, and like the battery, if God's power is flowing into us but not out at the same time then this is a spiritual “short-circuit” and it stops the flow of God's power.