Jul. 9, 2021

Receptionist Escapes from the WTC on 9/11

Something I saw on a video about 9/11- There was a female receptionist named Josephine. She was trying to escape from one of the towers and was on her way down one of the stairwells and a group of firefighters were on their way up. She was exhausted and couldn't continue. The other tower had already collapsed and the firefighters knew they had to evacuate immediately but they made the decision to stop and help this woman anyway. They were at around the 25th floor when the building they were in collapsed as well. It turned out that the lower floor they were on slowed down the upper half of the building that was falling and it shielded them from the force of the collapse and they all survived! Had they not stopped to help the woman they all would have died! I believe that this was God rewarding them for their selflessness and bravery!