Jul. 17, 2021

Sister Comes to Say Goodbye

My late grandmother wrote down this story while she

was still living. She had a sister who was terminally

ill with cancer, she was in the hospital and the

doctors had only given her a few days to live. My

grandmother was at home in bed for the night, when she

suddenly woke up in the middle of the night at around

2am. The room suddenly lit up as if a light was turned

on but she had not turned on the light. There was a

gust of wind in the room even though all the windows

were closed and she felt an invisible hand touch her

on her arm. Instantly she knew that her sister had

come to say goodbye! The room went dark again and the

gust of wind stopped. Early the next morning she got a

phone call, her sister had passed away during the

night at precisely 2am