Nov. 27, 2021

Godly Principals in Lightning

I started thinking about lightning one day and I started doing some research and it turns out there are also Godly principals in the behavior of lightning. Basically, storm clouds are negatively charged while the ground below has a positive charge. The negative charge is trying to get to the ground below and it will take the path of least resistance to get there, such as a lightning rod or a tall radio antenna. Just like this God is looking to and fro on the earth for the path of least resistance to Him when He wants to display His power on the earth. Also the higher we are in God the more likely we are to be “struck”, like how someone holding up a golf club in a thunderstorm is more likely to be stuck by lightning, or standing on top of a mountain.

As is the case with lightning we are more likely to be "struck" by God's power (a lightning bolt) when we are on the mountain and not the valley.