Jun. 6, 2022

Not Alone Anymore!

Something amazing just happened! I have lived in Stonebridge apartments in Harrisburg, PA for several years, ever since I moved in I have been asking God to lead me to the other believers in the complex so we could get a meeting going. I just woke up at about 7am and went out on the balcony to get some air, I could hear someone singing down below. It sounded like she was praying! I went down to her and asked her a question, if she was a Christian! She said yes! Her name is Esther. I told her I had been looking for her for a long time! I gave her my cell #, she is going to send me a text later, we may get together and start praying together! She said she did not know of any other believers here but it was such a relief that I found her! There has been a tremendous spiritual battle going on and I am not alone anymore! HALLELUJAH! THANK GOD! I think if we can get together and agree in prayer over the complex things will change around here! Several weeks ago I went out into the hall in my building and there were gospel tracts outside every door with a piece of candy, there are other believers out there, I just haven't found them yet! I will keep praying!