Jun. 15, 2022

The Topic of Eternity

I have been pondering something- it is regarding eternity. God is eternal, and inhabits eternity. When thinking about the topic of eternity alot of people think of something that has no end, but being eternal also means that it also had no beginning! Indeed there was never a "time" when God was not or before He existed, and there will also never be a "time" after He existed! Thinking of eternity this way helps us to understand it, it is very hard to get our minds around eternity as everyone has been born inside time and all things in the universe are presently passing away! God created time, He is not bound by it! I believe that heaven is also eternal, it cannot be both eternal and inside time at the same time, so this is evidence that heaven is outside time! If anything more to this comes to you let me know, I am trying to get some more of this down!

Something that is interesting- there was a time when each of us were created and thus was a time when we were not, but our spirit never dies so there will never cease to exist after we are created! There was a time before we existed but we will never cease to exist! This means we were created inside time but will transition from time to eternity when we die! We are not quite like God, who is completely eternal and was never created!