Aug. 2, 2022

Binding & Loosing!

Fantastic news! I think God has shown me something in the scripture that I had never seen before! The scripture says whatever we bind on earth is bound in heaven and whatever we loose on earth is loosed in heaven. The scripture says we can bind evil spirits, but can we also loose angels? I think the answer is YES. I decided to start loosing angels at Steve Lapp's suggestion. I came over to my parent's house for dinner tonight. My parents are not saved, they are unitarian (they believe all religions are equally valid, it is demonic thing). There is always a strong evil presence in the house when I come over. Tonight as I was pulling up outside the house in my car I bound the evil spirits in the development and then I loosed angels in the development in Jesus' name. I went in and I was standing there in the dining room when I sensed the presence of an angel standing right there in the room! Instantly the evil presence in the house vanished, it is gone, without a trace! I am still here sending you this message and it has been several hours and the presence has not come back. This is POWERFUL! I would HIGHLY recommend you start loosing angels! I have also started loosing angels at my apartment complex and I think the atmosphere has changed. I may never know the results of what I have been doing there but I think something big has happened!