Nov. 7, 2022

Miracle World War I Battle of Mons August 1914

I just ran across this amazing story, it is about the World War I battle of Mons in August 1914 between the British and German Armies! Numerous British soldiers claimed to have experienced divine protection of angels during the battle. The British found themselves to be out-numbered and out-gunned with no troops in reserve. As the British troops were watching from their trenches they saw a massive human wave of German troops charging towards them. The British thought they would be annihilated for sure, however as they were watching the German Army they suddenly went into a panic, dropped their weapons, and started running in the other direction. The British were dumbfounded. What had frightened the Germans so much that they went into a panic and retreated? Later the British captured a German officer and asked him what had happened. The German officer said that as they were advancing a huge white cloud materialized in front of them, standing between them and the British and a massive formation of men dressed in white on white horses were charging towards them! The British said that was odd, they didn't have any cavalry whit white clothing, or with white horses. The Germans opened fire on the men in white and they kept coming, not a single one fell. Then the German army threw down their weapons and fled! Apparently the Germans were very evil and were raping and pillaging and were involved in war-crimes such as beating captured soldiers to death, massacring women and children, and also were aggressors in the war, having attacked and invaded Belgium without provocation. Perhaps God intervened on the side of the British due to this?