Nov. 12, 2022

Miracles in Ukraine war with the Russians

I just found this amazing video on YouTube! It is a video documentary about the current war between Russia and Ukraine, apparently there are many stories of miracles happening during the fighting! God seems to be intervening on the side of Ukraine! This makes sense as Russia was the aggressor in the war and attacked Ukraine without provocation and was plotting to install a puppet government, Ukraine is holding their own despite the Russian army having vastly more firepower. There was one story about a group of Ukrainian soldiers that were afraid for their lives, they contacted a church and got prayer for their situation. Hours later during combat there was a bright flash in the sky and suddenly the Russian forces that were attacking were all destroyed, no Ukrainian aircraft were involved and they think it may have been divine intervention! There are also stories of the Russian forces getting confused and attacking eachother, this is right out of the story of Gideon in the scripture! If you want to have a look the link to the video is here: